Lighting Accessories

Small Light Box for Glass Wave Sculptures - David Wight Glass ArtLarge Light Box for Glass Wave Sculptures - David Wight Glass ArtIf you are looking for a way to illuminate your wave, we recommend LED light boxes. These are the same boxes that are sold and used by the galleries that carry Dave’s work. They can run off of either 3 AA batteries, or can be plugged into a standard wall outlet with the included AC adapter. What sets them apart from other lighted displays are the High Intensity LED’s, which provide plenty of light without the excess heat that standard bulbs produce, which can damage the glass.

Having the ability to run on batteries allows you to display your wave on your desk or dining room table without having to worry about hiding a cord.

We recommend the Small Light Box (1 high intensity LED) for any of the small to medium Tsunami, Champagne, Neptune, Water Dance or Flamenco styles. The Large Light Box (3 high intensity LED’s) works great with any and all of the larger sculptures.

Small Light Box


Price: $75.00

Large Light Box


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Tsunami Glass Wave Sculpture lit from Light Box - David Wight Glass Art