Inspired by Waterfalls

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Inspired by a Waterfall - David Wight Glass ArtI am inspired by the relaxing, therapeutic aspects of running water. This is why I started making the water fountains and my art evolved into sculpting glass waves. I want people who collect my art to get a similar feeling sitting next to one of my waves as they would sitting next to a river, waterfall or on a beach.

The first waterfall that helped inspire me to work with water was Middleham Falls in Dominica. There’s also one next to Lake Samish, the Nooksack Falls near Mt. Baker, and Racehorse Falls. I try to visit these places whenever I can, and if the opportunity presents itself, I really like waterfalls that you can get underneath and feel the water’s influence on your body.


  1. Your inspiration truly shows in your work, Dave!

  2. You should come to NC – Transylvania County. It’s called the Land of Waterfalls. There are some really beautiful ones I know you would find inspiring. :o )

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